Defense doesn't fear Tebow

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic reserve quarterback Sean Clayton asked if he could play the part of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow on the Owls' scout team offense this week.

Clayton may not have volunteered if he knew what senior safety Taheem Acevedo wants to do to Tebow when the Owls (5-4) play the No. 14 Gators (7-3) at noon Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville.


"My game plan - and I heard other people downstairs talking about it - is to get him out of the game," FAU senior safety Taheem Acevedo said when asked how to stop Tebow. "I don't care how it happens, we just have to get him out of the game. He carries that team."

Acevedo said he wants Tebow to remember him each time he is tackled.

"Whenever I see big guys like that, I'm not going to go low," Acevedo said. "My first thought is to go high and hit where it will hurt him more than anything."

That may be one way to stop Tebow, but FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger had a few other ideas on how to keep him in check.

"We're going to go to church and pray a lot," Schnellenberger said. "I'm going to have (wife) Beverlee find a séance lady and have a séance. Then we'll maybe invoke the deity and maybe invoke the devil."

If that fails, maybe Schnellenberger can find some kryptonite in time for Saturday's game.

"He sure looks like Superman to me," Schnellenberger said of Tebow. "He exemplifies what this new-found offense is all about. ... Although his moves may be a shade less quick, there will be 100 pounds more power in it than a normal quarterback."

At practice Tuesday, Clayton didn't look like Superman, but he did his best to imitate Tebow to help FAU's defense prepare. Clayton, a former tight end, possesses some speed and even wears No. 15 like Tebow.

"I was sweating more than I usually do," Clayton said. "I can't play the part to a tee, but I'm big and can run. That's probably my bread and butter and I just wanted to help the team get better."